minions of new york

Peasants, peasants - my muses, where are you? 
Where did you go and what have you been doing? 
I see the prince of boredom, daydreaming over you - Lurking you into the darkest of dreams.

Born from the sweat of a diamond to the dirts of copper,
You rise from the guts of your will and grit for a dollar.
Knowing and not knowing what life to come and dreams to follow,
The tears trapped and your soul - lost, in the infinite loop of time.

Let’s drink all night - curse and celebrate!
Working hard with the enemy of hope -
Covering long white nights and sirens of loneliness,
It is not life, but a form of beauty.

So stay with me and be my beaut.
Trust me to find that rupture of your life,
And I shall freeze that unfinished story,
To blind you from your memories.

This is just an echo to my deluge,
For I have swam across the thousand sea.
May the wilderness set you ablaze, 
With rain and thunder - you shall renew thy self.


An ongoing collaboration with Eric Chang
Models: Alina Baskova, Ayla Parker